Planting, Pruning And Trimming Services

As master pruner Shay Eddie likes to point out, the average shrub lives for five years. What people don’t realize is that shrubs can live for 20 years or more if pruned properly.

There’s a misunderstanding that “shrub pruning” means clipping, hacking, and shearing a plant, either to make it smaller or to form it into a geometrical shape.

We believe that what a professional calls “natural shrub pruning” generally yields a more pleasing result and greatly enhances the plant’s longevity.

When you’re thinking about your own shrubs, it’s important to bear in mind that the art of shrub pruning lies in knowing how to balance the plant’s physiological needs with the look you’re trying to achieve. Cutting off the plant’s interior branches from sunlight will cause it to hollow out and decline.

Call in First Nature Tree, however, and you will be drawing on the experience of pruners who have studied and practiced the art for decades.

We will hand prune your plants to reveal the branch work within. Besides creating a beautiful, three-dimensional appearance and promoting denser foliage, it will allow sunlight to penetrate the plant’s inner structure and enable photosynthesis.

As with everything at First Nature Tree, we take a holistic approach to shrub pruning and trimming. In fact, we often give shrub pruning advice even before a homeowner has decided what to plant.

For example, if you were thinking about planting a small rhododendron beside your kitchen window, we’d tell you that in no time it will become quite large. In many cases, putting the wrong plant in the wrong spot necessitates a major rescue operation.

Of course, we never dictate to our clients. If you want that rhododendron, we’ll help you keep it healthy and sized properly.

If you want a formal hedge, that’s also fine. Just let a First Nature Tree arborist handle the pruning and trimming. We know how to manage the shearing without endangering the plant.

As you can tell, shrubs are something of a passion around here. Let us help you make the most of shrubs, like we have for other homeowners in the Boston area. To arrange a free shrub pruning and trimming consultation, call (610)406-2140 or Contact Us here.